Forum Fastighetsekonomi - Environmental policy

Even though the business activities of Forum Fastighetsekonomi AB are judged to have relatively little environmental impact, we work actively to minimise this impact by, for example, optimising energy efficiency in our offices and prioritising environmentally friendly modes of transport in our business travel. We implement our environmental policy actively via formal procedures and follow-up. Forum’s environmental policy is as follows:

Our business activities involve consulting in the area of real estate economics. It is therefore of great importance that we be fully aware of the environmental impact of our own activities, and that we make constant efforts to improve by minimising this impact.

We will strive to employ solutions in all of our procedures – such as purchasing, waste management and transport – that promote sustainable development from a human, environmental and economic perspective. We will do this by the application of clear and consistent guidelines and appropriate training of all our employees.

We will comply with all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activities. Our policy will be integrated in the working lives of our employees and provide guidance and inspiration in their lives.