Buyout from housing cooperative

Buyout of cooperative units reduces housing cost

In the wake of the financial crisis and a deteriorating economy, we all have to save on housing costs, and one way to do this is to buy out a cooperative unit. Buyout is an option for housing cooperatives consisting of detached or semi-detached houses, terraced houses, row houses etc.

One advantage is that when you buy out your home you take over the loan from the cooperative association and can then make interest deductions of 30 percent in your tax return, reducing your housing cost. How much depends on how high your mortgage is.

Another advantage of owning your own home is that maintenance is often less expensive than in a cooperative. If you own a house you can get an ROT (renovation, maintenance and improvement) tax deduction for external maintenance, which is not possible in a housing cooperative.

We at Forum Fastighetsekonomi act as the project manager for the buyout and as liquidator. When you engage us you get professional help.

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We arrange an information meeting for the housing cooperative with supplementary financial information to the members.

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You can also reduce your housing cost by making a capital contribution, repaying the association’s loans or taking over the association’s loans

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