Housing cooperative services

  • Buyout or partial buyout in connection with conversion of the housing cooperative to self-owned houses.
  • Division of a housing cooperative into two or more parts.
  • Sale of part of a property. Advice and valuation in connection with attic conversions.
  • Conversion of attics and similar spaces for use by co-op members.
  • Adjustment of participatory shares in connection with conversion or construction of new units.
  • Rent inquiries as a basis for determination of fair market rent for commercial premises.
  • Reduced housing cost by having members take over all or part of the association’s loans, capital contribution. Interest payments are tax-deductible at 30 percent.
  • read more about Capital contribution >>
  • Tax aspects of genuine vs. non-genuine housing cooperatives.
  • Land survey questions.
  • Be chairman at the annual general meeting.
  • Prepare new bylaws.
  • Prepare a new financial plan.
  • Start or modify joint ownership associations.
  • Negotiate with the municipality regarding buyout of the site leasehold or the ground rent for the leasehold.
  • Valuation of the property when a new bank loan is to be negotiated.

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