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In recent years, conversion from rental housing to cooperative housing (tenant ownership) has accounted for an increasing share of home purchases in Sweden. Forum assist in such conversions all over the country. Forum can represent both property owners and cooperative associations, although not both at the same time. Our strength lies in the fact that regardless of whether we assist the association or the property owner, we are fully aware of the other party’s situation. Our work includes all steps in a conversion.

Property owner

Are you planning to sell a property to a cooperative association? A good sales result requires knowledge of the process and how you can optimize it. Forum handles the entire process, from activating the tenants to arranging financing and takeover of the property.

Cooperative association

Forum can manage all processes during the conversion. Forum takes responsibility for and assists the co-op board in connection with: Negotiations, financial calculations, technical inspection, information meetings, and communication with members/tenants. The co-op board makes the decisions and compiles the necessary information, assisted by the consultant in charge. In most cases, Forum only gets paid after the conversion is completed.

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