"Multiple occupancy properties"

The category “multiple occupancy properties” mainly includes rental housing and office and retail properties. The valuations are largely based on an assessment of future rental income, operating costs, occupancy rate and yield requirements. In addition, it is important to take into account the condition and standard of the buildings.

Forum has long experience of valuation of multiple occupancy properties. We use procedures and analytical tools developed in-house to suit our own organisation and can therefore work with optimum efficiency. Our calculation program has won widespread acclaim and is used by other companies as well today.

We can produce different types of valuation reports, ranging from simple reports with condensed information to more complete reports describing at greater length both the property and the market. Regardless of the type of report, we never compromise on quality.

We carry out valuations of large property portfolios on a continuous basis. We have developed special cost-effective procedures for such portfolio assignments.

We can produce reports in English if requested.